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What makes Varistar's service unique from all its competitors is its comprehensiveness. It is built to require the least amount of administrative, financial and personnel requirements for our clients. So what makes us most different from our competitors? We provide a compelx solution that covers all aspects of variable rate applications from data collection and processing, to the preparation of all application maps, to the installation and setup of application machinery.

Variable application of fertilizers (especially nitrogen) is usually the first variable application implemented by farms. The benefits of these applications are instantaneous and allow the most efficient use of nitrogen to increase yield even under increasingly stringent conditions of the nitrate directive. Variable application of fertilizers is based on the need to approach different parts of the field differently, depending on the yield potential in its individual parts.


The variable application can also be used in the field of plant protection products. In this case, it is used for example for morpho-regulation (variable or selective application) or application of different kinds of fungicides within one hunt (selective application). The difficulty of these applications is higher, but all the more interesting is their benefit, both in saving their own products and in the revenue response. For example, a significant increase in yield can be achieved by lowering the dose of the morpho-regulator in the worst zones.

Variable sowing makes it possible to increase yields by varying the sowing density according to the individual production zones and their production possibilities. Practical experience suggests clearly that the optimal seed rate selection according to the yield of the production zone has a significant impact on yield and seed costs optimization.

Thanks to the combination of soil analyses with maps of relative yield potential it is possible to efficiently replenish the fertilizer in such a way that no zones with excess or lack of individual nutrients are created. It is the only system that seeks to balance individual fields in terms of nutrient supply while maximizing the investment in fertilizer.

Variable processing depth of active soil profile or erosion compacted subornomia it will reduce the costs of improving the water and air soil regime. Variable plowshare or cultivator depth can be determined on the basis of soil conductivity data with following processing of the application map for variable soil processing. Variable tillage also has a very positive effect on diesel consumption and plowshare wear.


For our customers, we have developed the Varistar portal, which stores all data related to the farm and is continuously updated by new components and features.The original purpose of the Portal was to display map data - application maps, yield potential maps, Smart Scouting analysis or satellite imagery. Over time, however, the Portal has grown to include many other functionalities, such as the creation of application maps and their online transfer to application technology, historical yield analysis or even a fertilisation plan. Last but not least, the Portal processes all the necessary documents for precision farming subsidies at the click of a button.

Varistar clients can use Varistar One or Varistar Direct terminals for variable rate applications free of charge.