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Why should we start with variable applications?

Variable applications assume that there are yield differences within a field. These differences are due to the water regime in different parts of the field, the number of available nutrients that the plants are capable of receiving, and the differences in soil structure and profiles within each field. Some of the influences that cause the yield differences can be influenced, some cannot be influenced.

What can we influence? PH value, the supply of N, P, K, S and microelements.

What do we not affect? Type and structure of soil profile, field relief, natural supply and movement of water in the soil.

Uniform dosing, which has been the most widely applied so far, means that areas with high yield potential receive low fertilizer rates and yield loss. Conversely, areas with low yield potential are over-fertilized and waste of fertilizer occurs.

What does Varistar offers you?

From our experience, we know that many attempts at variable applications have failed. Variable applications require knowledge of agronomy and mechanization, but also knowledge of information technology. At the same time, they are disproportionately burdening agronomist and machine operators, who have to learn new things often by trial and error, often it is also wrong setting up the terminal or improper intervention during application. The result is not an expected increase in income and profit, but rather a decrease in it and an increased operational burden.

Varistar eliminates all these risks. The introduction of the Varistar system does not entail additional operational burden and in most cases does not imply the need for investments in new spreaders, sprayers or seeders. Most of today's technology is already compatible with variable applications. As part of the Varistar service, you also get the Varistar One or Varistar Direct terminal for free!



How does it work?

The heart of the Varistar service is an information system that, based on the agrotechnical requirements of our clients, prepares application maps for individual hunts. Our comprehensive service will ensure that we are in control of everything from ensuring the maximum amount of available information about your fields, preparing and submitting an application batch, successfully executing it on the job, and processing and evaluating all data to improve future returns. Possible problems during applications can be solved remotely by taking the terminal screen. Everything is prepared so that you do your job as before, without additional operational and personnel workload, and Varistar will take care of everything needed in the field of variable application to increase your profitability.


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